Using Your Gutters for Rainwater Collection

When you have a good gutter system on your home, you can do more than simply move the rain away from your home. You can use your gutter system to collect rainwater and have usable water for a variety of activities around the home. When water is in high demand, you can harvest this natural resource using your gutters.

Set Up Near Where Water Is Needed

Your first step is to decide where you are going to use water, and set up a collection barrel near this area. If you want to use collected rainwater to irrigate your garden, the collection barrel should be in the downspout closest to your garden. Consider what type of barrel you want to use, and choose one that is the right size for the amount of water you want. While whiskey barrels are great, so are plastic trash containers and other types of collection devices.

Know How Much Water is Coming

When it comes to collecting rainwater, you have to be prepared for any overflow. You will want to know the square area of your roof to be able to determine how much water you can expect. For every 100 square feet of space, you can expect 60 gallons of water for every inch of rain. When your barrel begins to overflow, you will need to make sure water flows away to protect your home.

How to Use Collected Rainwater

Once you collect your rainwater, it can be used in a number of ways. The water you have collected has not been properly treated and you or your pets should not drink it. In addition, any water collected should be used within a week or two to avoid algae growth. You can use it to irrigate your lawn or garden, but be sure to wash any vegetables you have grown before you eat them. You can use the water to wash clothes, water indoor plants, and cleaning your home.

s Winter Approaches

With freezing weather coming, you aren’t going to be able to collect rainwater. Remove the barrel over the winter months, and reattach the rest of the downspout on your gutter system. Clean out your water barrel so that it is ready for the next season. Make sure that any water that flows over the next few months will be guided away from your home.

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