Best Gutter Guards Consumer Reports

Best Gutter Guards Consumer Reports

One thing we understand for sure here at The Brothers that just do Gutters is how essential it is to keep your gutter system up and running smoothly. We take great pride in designing systems that are efficient at keeping water flowing away from your home. But it isn’t only the design, it’s in the products that we offer as well. Gutter guards are no exception. We have wisely chosen a guard design that excels at keeping leaves, debris, small animals and pests out of your gutters. We have over 20 years of field experience to help us make evaluations on what our customers need and how to best match them with products to meet those needs. In addition, we continue to do research on available products finding the best on the market. Most recently, we have reviewed the best gutter guards Consumer Reports put out.

Before we speak on the reviews and how they compare to our two gutter guard options we offer here at the Brothers Gutters, let’s remind you why keeping your gutters clear is paramount to keeping your system effective and maintained for optimal water flow.

Cleaning Gutters With or Without Gutter Guards

Bottom line is you need to clean your gutters with or without guards. The difference is, guards will require minimal maintenance, like occasionally brushing off debris from the top of the guard. Whereas, open gutter systems require yearly interior cleanings. If you do not perform regular gutter cleanings the lack of upkeep may lead to water damage to your home. Most common issues arise during season changes. Pollen buildup in spring and leaves in the fall cause the most build up in and on your gutters. One option is to have them cleaned a few times a year to clear out your runs and downspouts. Another option is to have gutter guards installed on your system. This will keep leaves and debris out and drastically cut down the amount of maintenance that is necessary.

There are many reasons why adding gutter guards to your system is highly recommended. To review:

Prevents clogsEliminates most interior gutter cleaningsAble to handle high capacity of rainfallReduces risk of overflow, rotting fascia, mild dew or deterioration of the foundationOnly requires a seasonal dust off to get rid of pollen and/or larger fallen branches and debrisAdds strength to your system during winter for when snow and ice sit on the system

Which Gutter Guards Do We Offer?
best gutter guards consumer reports

One Gutter Guard-This guard’s chassis is made from one piece of aluminum, has a mesh screen on the guard that is interchangeable, and has pre-drilled holes making for a quick installation. This style is recommended for homeowners that live in a high-pollinated area and especially for those near pine trees.MicroGuard-Made of 032 gauge aluminum and has 2000 holes per linear foot, this option is for areas that aren’t as effected by smaller debris.

We highlight some common questions we get on about gutter protection and the options available. Be sure to check out those answers to better help you navigate your decision making process.

The Best Gutter Guards Consumer Reports

As mentioned above, we have been listening to the various challenges homeowners have when it comes to their gutters. We look at the best gutter guards consumer reports on in combination with our own reports and have found that mesh gutter guard designs incorporate all of the best features to create an exceptional system.

Here at The Brothers that just do Gutters we want to provide you with the best contractor service possible. We would love for you to schedule your free gutter estimate so you can meet one of our professional Solutionists© to design a system with gutter guards for your home.

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Gutter Cleaning In Winter

Gutter Cleaning In Winter

Most of the time when we hear the word winter, we think frigid temperatures, wintry mix and snow. And that is true for our locations in the northern zones. However, for our locations in the southern zone, winter isn’t so cold or extreme. Since gutter cleaning can only be done when temperatures are above freezing, we typically suggest that cleanings take place during the spring and fall. In regions where freezing does not occur, cleaning gutters in winter is not typically an issue. In addition to temperature, environmental changes during those seasons have a greater effect on the collection of debris in the gutter, leading to a greater demand for cleanings.

If you missed cleaning gutters in the fall, you may have issue going into winter. These issues are not always evident in the winter because your gutter is frozen, but during the first thaw they’ll show. The excess debris in your gutters that was not cleaned prior to winter will result in a sort of debris popsicle within your gutter system.

Cleaning Gutters & Products

During an unusual period of winter thaw, you may be able to use gutter cleaning tools to remove blockages from the gutters and downspout areas. However, it is recommended that you let the pros take care of your concerns. Keep in mind that winter services will vary in the winter months in northern regions.

Common Gutter Concerns During Winter

Snow sitting on top of your roofWeight of ice in/on your guttersIce dammingDamages due to added weight from snow and iceWinter storm damage

Ice Damming
Ice Dam Prevention and cleaning gutters

Ice damming is not a situation a homeowner wants to deal with. Despite popular belief, gutters do not cause ice damming. Ice damming begins with your insulation. It occurs when the warm air is escaping from the attic causing the snow on the roof to melt. When the melted water reaches the surface of your cold gutter, it will refreeze on and over your gutters.

Heat Cables
cleaning gutters and heat tape

Your first step to avoiding ice damming is proper insulation. But, you can also take the proactive approach to preventing ice damming by using a roof rake to clear a few feet above the edge of the roof. It can help to eliminate the buildup of ice dams. Adding heat cable to your gutter system is also another preventative measure with little to no maintenance. It will keep your gutters at an above freezing temperature and will slowly melt snow and ice buildup on your system to manage ice damming.

As mentioned above, winter services vary for our northern hemispheres. Here is a list of what can and cannot be done in the colder temperatures to better clarify (weather permitting of course):

What Can Be Done In Freezing Temperatures?

Gutter and downspout installationsGutter & guard installations (must install both for it to be doable in winter)Heated gutter & guard installations (must install both for it to be doable in winter)Snow guards for metal roofsFascia & fascia wrap (if getting full gutter install)

What Cannot Be Done In Freezing Temperatures?

Cleaning gutters (due to freezing, it’s too cold to clean gutters)Gutter guards on existing gutters (due to freezing, it’s too cold to clean gutters, which we do before installing guards)Repairing or resealing existing gutters

While our services may be impacted in some regions during the winter months, we are still open for business. Our warmer locations are typically “business as usual” in winter. And cleanings are generally not impacted much.

How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

At least twice a year – typically once in spring and once in fall when leaves have all fallen

How Do Gutter Guards Work?

Guards act as a filtration system to keep debris out of your gutters (i.e. leaves, shingle grit, small animals and pests)They prevent the possibility of interior clogs from happening in your gutters and downspoutsThey add strength to the whole system during winterGuards reduce the risk of the system breaking or detaching due to the weight of the snow or branches laying on them.

Do I Need To Clean My Gutters With Guards?

Quality gutter guards work to eliminate the need for interior gutter cleaningsNo products are “maintenance-free” and may require occasional brushing off on top of the guard system

While some of our locations gutters are in the deep freeze of winter’s wrath, not all of them are. We are all open during the winter season, but some of us are impacted more by the cold than others. Your best bet is to contact The Brothers that just do Gutters to discuss your circumstances and get a free estimate.

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Gutter Sizes – 7 Inch Gutter Systems

Gutter Sizes – 7 Inch Gutter Systems

Here at The Brothers that just do Gutters we offer an array of gutter sizes and styles. 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch and 8 inch gutters are used across both residential and commercial gutter projects (gutter sizes offered varies by location). As the industry standard shifts for what is considered to be standard and oversized gutters, we want to provide a breakdown on the different gutter sizes, and how to select the correct gutter size for your home’s needs.

Our Solutionist Talks 7 Inch Gutters

We interviewed our expert, Nathan Hiebert  of the Brothers Gutters NW-SATX. He services the Uvalde and surrounding Northwest side of San Antonio Texas areas and neighborhoods. We were able to discuss further on why he finds that 6 inch and 7 inch gutters are moving to the new standard sizing for residential gutters in his area. He found value in purchasing a 7 inch machine for his truck because he has seen the need for larger gutter systems on residential homes in SATX. We asked Nathan a few questions about why he offers 7 inch gutters, as well as, under what circumstances he recommends them to customers.

What Style Homes Most Commonly Get 7 Inch Gutters?

gutter sizes spanish tile roof with 7 inch copper gutters
7 Inch Gutter on Spanish Tile Roof

Nathan says that Spanish tile roofing is very common in San Antonio. Due to the style roof and how it overhangs the fascia, 7 inch gutters are often the best option. 7 inch gutters allow for a larger width to extend past the tiles, which better collects cascading water. This roof style is very common in this area. This area also gets heavy rains, making the 7 inch system the most efficient in collecting water for these specific style homes.

Concrete slate roofs are another style roof that largely benefits from a bigger gutter system. As well as, flat-roofed homes and buildings. While an inch may not seem like much, the difference between water capacity in a 5 inch, 6 inch and 7 inch gutter is huge.

gutter sizes and volume capacity chart
How Each Gutter Size Effects Capacity To Hold Rainwater?

Each inch added to the gutter system provides an increased volume load of rainwater that it can collect. For example, a 6 inch gutter holds 40 percent more water than a 5 inch system.

When Should You Consider Alternate Gutter Sizes like A 7 Inch Gutter?

With Complicated SystemsIf You Are Interested In Rainwater Collection SystemsIf You Are Looking For Better Protection From Water DamageWhen Your Home Has Any Of The Roof Types Mentioned AboveWhen An Upper Gutter Drains Into A Lower Gutter

Larger systems handle more rain water without causing overflow. For example, when upper gutters drain into lower gutters and other complicated layouts that cause an increased volume of water, a larger gutter handles this much more efficiently. They won’t cause interference with water dropping onto sections with decking below, or where landscaping beds tuck under the eave. Also, often times homeowners want fewer downspouts. With a 7 inch gutter, it provides enough capacity to handle the water to move down the gutter system into one catch area.

7 Inch Gutter With Concrete Slate Roof
7 Inch Gutter With Concrete Roof

A rainwater collection system, like a large barrel for the water to dump into, allows for the collection of the large amounts of rainwater these size systems collect. Allowing for more re-usability in other areas of the yard, like flower beds, gardens and the alike.

Nathan often shows his customers the varying gutter sizes with a demonstration. He does a 5 inch and 7 inch comparison by overlapping the two gutters together. He runs a hose through them to act as rain. This shows how the larger gutter handles a greater capacity of rainwater more efficiently and eliminates overflow.

If you think your home could benefit from a larger gutter and/or you have a style roof like one mentioned above, we can help! Fill out our Contact Us form for a free estimate. A Solutionist will be able to best assist you in making a recommendation for what size gutter system will meet your needs.

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What’s a Solutionist?

What’s a Solutionist?

Here at The Brothers that just do Gutters we do not have an estimator or salesman-we have a Solutionist. We do not come out to give a price on a job. We provide a solution that best fits the clients needs with a price. Our team understands that every home is unique and may require a different solution to solve a problem. Finding the absolute best solution is how we approach every job.

n Example of a Solutionist’s©, Solution
Solutionist iPad

We approach each job searching for the best solution to fit our clients needs. For example, we may use an oversized 6” gutter in one area that keeps overflowing while installing standard 5” gutters on the remaining portions. We also may only install a gutter guard on the upper gutters the client can’t get to, but leave the lower gutters open, because they don’t mind cleaning them themselves. The estimate process is the same across the entire franchise. We pride ourselves with our brand driven service.

Why we made-up the word Solutionist

A long time ago as a company we decided that the word “salesman” carries a bad connotation with a lot of people. And an estimator seems like unskilled help that measures houses. Everyone has “been sold” at one time or another. Whether it was buying a car, life insurance, a home improvement or beauty products, we have all purchased something big or small from a pushy “once in a lifetime offer” salesman, and have regretted it ever since.

Because we have all bought from a “salesman” our defenses are heightened whenever we are looking to purchase a product. We know we are different than many others in the same business and we care about the client and the best solution for their home. The word solution was being used in all of our sales calls, internal meetings and on the phone with clients. We cannot remember when it actually happened, but the word Solutionist© was born. Ken Parsons exchanged his President/Owner status for Senior Solutionist©, and Ryan Parsons parted ways with the extravagant VP of Sales and Operations title for Chief Solutionist©.

Request a Quote today and have a Solutionist visit your home to determine the best solution for you.

Learn more about the process by meeting a few of our Solutionists below.

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Gutter Cleaning Service

Gutter Cleaning Service

As a homeowner, you have a long to-do list of necessary upkeep and projects for your home. Gutter cleaning should be a routine part of this list just as lawn care is. In actuality, it is more important since rainwater runoff caused from poorly managing your gutter system can damage your home and foundation. A gutter cleaning service can assist with the maintenance of your gutter system.

Gutter Cleaning Factors:
Gutter Cleaning Gutter Guards


Trees are the worst for jamming up your gutters. When leaves and sticks land in your gutter, they can cause large obstructions and make a big mess. In some cases, when their seeds land in the dirt in gutters they can begin to grow. Weeds building up in your gutter are a major warning sign to the health status of your gutters.

Areas that deal with dust are also at risk. Dust creates a layer on the bottom of the guttering that can add weight and may increase the number of leaks and cracks in the system. Silt and dirt shouldn’t be left long, therefore evaluating the system as a whole is important to be done a few times a year.

Weather & Seasons
gutter cleaning tools bucket

Depending on your location, the various seasons it experiences will greatly influence the need for gutter cleaning services.

Winter and springtime in particular can bring various problems. If you are in a location that has cold winters, scheduling a gutter cleaning prior to the first freeze is vital. You do not want debris lying in your gutters come spring. Springtime tends to be the time of year with the most amount of rainfall. The clogs will prevent the water from moving through your guttering. And worse yet, those blockages may cause damage to your gutters, downspouts and foundation if water pours over the system.

Our Gutter Cleaning Service Guideline:
gutter filled gutter cleaning

Elimination of debris in the gutter systems (leaves, twigs, weeds, roof grit)Clearing all downspouts to guarantee efficient drainageAssessing the way the water flows through your gutteringRemoving all leftover debris and clearing it from the property




Gutters and downspouts won’t fix themselves. Hiring a professional gutter cleaning company such as The Brothers that just do Gutters to evaluate the effectiveness of your gutter system is the best solution to these problems. Our Solutionists have the expertise to evaluate your system and make sure that they are working efficiently. They will recommend the best plan on quickly getting your gutters in top working order.

The Brothers that just do Gutters excel at installations and gutter guards. We are also a gutter repair and gutter cleaning service company. Contact us today for your free estimate for any or all of these services.

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Using Gutter Cleaning Tools

Using Gutter Cleaning Tools

The role of a gutter system is to keep water away from your home. However, for the system to do its job properly, the gutters need to be free of dirt and debris, as this may be clogging the system from allowing the water to flow freely. Regularly cleaning gutters will allow you to be sure that your system is working optimally. Let’s discuss how to clean gutters, safely and thoroughly. We will make some suggestions on using gutter cleaning tools that will make the job easier.


First, we need to access the state of your gutters and determining if you have any blockages. Next, finding out what is causing the clogs. Clearing twigs and dry leaves is easy, but if dirt or organic matter like seedlings are obstructing the flow, a more aggressive removal technique will be necessary.

gutter cleaning tools

If it has been a while since you last spent time clearing downspouts and cleaning gutters, using heavier tools to clean may become necessary. The longer debris sits and builds up, the more difficult it will be to flush the area clear. There are a variety of techniques homeowners can use to clear out their gutters. By using gutter cleaning tools, it will make the process a bit easier.

Gutter Cleaning Tools:

gutter cleaning tools trowel
Leaf BlowersWet/Dry VacuumPressure WasherLeaf Blower Gutter AttachmentGarden HoseBy Hand

Gutter Cleaning Steps:

gutter cleaning tools bucket
Step 1: Start at the downspout, clear the area and make sure nothing is obstructing the flow of the water being released from there. Check for any clogs, feed a hose up the downspout or snake to clear the blockage. Clean the downspout strainers thoroughly.

Step 2: Grab a pair of gloves, a trowel and bucket to remove larger debris, such as leaves, twigs, etc. from your gutters.

Step 3: Flush the gutter length with a garden hose at the opposite end of where the downspout is. Removing all leaves and twigs before flushing the finer materials towards the downspout is essential. This will prevent large debris from getting stuck inside of the downspout.

Alternately, if the job isn’t getting done by hand, bringing in your heavy duty gutter cleaning tools may be necessary. For example, using a pressure washer gutter cleaner to flush out your downspouts will be the quickest. However, it will get messy and you need to be careful not to damage your gutters. You’ll need to rinse your roof off as well as the exterior walls of your home afterwards.

Professional Gutter Cleanings:

While gutter cleaning is a popular DIY house chore, trusting the professionals is always best. Any job that involves getting on a ladder can be dangerous. You also want to make sure you’re being mindful of your property and landscape around the gutters. Cleaning your gutters twice a year is a hassle as a homeowner. The Brothers that just do Gutters are happy to help you with your yearly cleanings. We can even install gutter guards is you are sick of gutter cleanings.

Installing Gutter Guards:

We highly recommend installing gutter guards. Adding them to your existing system will greatly reduce the need for having to do a gutter cleaning. While no product is 100% maintenance free, gutter guards will prevent the need for interior cleanings.

It is important to understand that gutter cleanings play a pivotal role in the functionality of your entire gutter system. As a homeowner, you may want to DIY this project, however, we are here to inform you that we offer both gutter cleaning services as well as gutter guard installations. By choosing to install gutter guards through The Brothers that just do Gutters, you’ll receive a free gutter cleaning with installation. Contact us today for your free estimate!


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Storm Damage, Insurance & Gutters

Storm Damage, Insurance & Gutters

Homeowners need to be informed when buying a homeowners insurance policy. So, in the event that storm damage occurs to your home, you know what your policy covers. Hail, tree and wind damage are common during severe storm events. These damages most commonly effect your home’s roof and gutter system.

Luckily, most homeowners’ insurance policies typically cover wind damage and storm related damage. If a strong storm moves through with hail, wind-driven rain, or snow wrecking havoc on your home’s exterior, or gets inside a roof or wall, knowing your policy’s coverage can make a huge difference. Especially when moving forward with the repair work that is necessary. If you also have fallen trees that damage your home, tree removal service may be a part of the policy coverage too.

Wind and Hail Insurance
hail storm damage

Insurance companies get flooded with calls after storms. They hear how much does insurance pay for hail damage often. When storm damage reports are high, contractor availability is low. Often times insurance companies are referring out contractors to do the claim work that aren’t niche in their respected industry.

However, as a homeowner you should know you have options. You can hire your own contractors for jobs like roofing, gutter systems, siding, etc. You should be able to speak with and choose the contractor that is best for your needs for all damages. Rather than letting someone else subcontract the jobs out. Addressing storm damage with a professional team should take on the same approach as any other hiring experience would. Work with competent, skilled, insured contractors.

Hiring a General Contractor to Repair Storm Damage
storm damage brothers gutters

When you hire a general contractor, it is common practice that the GC will hire out sub-contractors to do additional projects for them. Typically, the cheapest subs are hired, and those with more experience aren’t often called because they can come with a higher price tag. And the same is common when you go through your insurance carrier to find contractors to outsource the repairs to.

But, when you take researching into your own hands, you can apply your best efforts in finding the best available contractor for your repairs. Here at the Brothers Gutters, we know the importance of professionalism, competency, and the value of a job well done. We also only do gutters, allowing us to perfect and focus on our craft in our niche market.

We service gutters and downspouts that have hail damage and have franchises throughout the US that are often in storms paths, like Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Texas and North Carolina. TX and NC regions are very prone to extreme weather. The effects of this extreme weather and your gutter system can be extensive. Tornandos is another extreme weather event that produces a large amount of storm damage.

Managing Storm Damage with Your HOA

If you are going through your homeowners insurance to repair storm damage, it may seem easier to hire a general contractor. But, doing this often takes away your right to choose who does the work. If your roof, gutters or other important exterior elements need storm repair, you’ll want to know who’s doing the repairs. You’ll want to go with a niche roofer, or niche gutter installer rather than a handy-man or sub contractor. Especially if you hired a specialized contractor the first time. You don’t want your repair to be of lesser quality.

Dealing with storm damage is overwhelming. But, you still want to make sure you are taking the time to hire right. Don’t let the urgent feeling lead to skipping the research phase. The Brothers that just do Gutters can help assist in repairing your storm damaged gutters. Our estimates are free and we are a niche company providing quality gutter services. Contact us when needed to schedule your free estimate!

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Gutter Companies Ideal for Your Vacation Homes

Gutter Companies Ideal for Your Vacation Homes

As an owner of a vacation property, it is even more important to find gutter companies that are reliable and can help you manage your vacation home while you are not in the area. When you are not nearby, it’s not as simple as doing a search for gutter companies near me, it requires more research and trust. When it comes to your home’s gutters, finding a specialist in the area that knows the best product to install for the climate demands is key. A competent gutter company can help you find a low maintenance solution for your gutter cleaning and repair needs. They can also ensure that your gutters are working properly year-round, even when you aren’t there to manage them.

What Is The Key To Finding Gutter Companies for Your Vacation Home (in an area you do not live in)?

Do you have a vacation home near Virginia Beach, North Carolina, Jacksonville FL, or The Jersey Shore? Good news for you – we have a Brothers Gutters Franchise in all of these locations. The best part of hiring a franchise, is that all of our locations follow the same system! Hiring a franchise team instills confidence because it’s a systematized model that runs the same in each location, it allows you to feel confident that if something goes wrong, you can depend on the same quality of expertise to quickly remedy any issue you may have. You can also feel confident in the fact that hiring such an established system means that our local gutter installers will be there when you need them and won’t disappear after initial call.

If there is no Brothers Gutters franchise near your vacation home (there may be soon!), here are some tips for finding a reputable contractor in the area:

Check out online reviews – specifically look for feedback on communication and schedulingAsk the gutter company for client referralsAsk for insurance and safety training certificatesTake note of how they do with keeping appointments and calling back

What Should You Consider When Choosing the Type of Gutters for Your Vacation Home?

Aluminum gutters are the standard but can be tricky on homes near the ocean. The salt water makes aluminum more vulnerable to corrosion and quickens the rusting process. A more durable alternative to aluminum is copper gutters.
gutter companies copper gutters
Copper gutters can withstand the elements and their lifespan surpasses that of the alternatives. Copper gutters near saltwater patina quicker – this is often good news, because people love the patina look (this helps to give off the antique look that many desire – it is especially sought after on historic homes).Is your vacation home in an area that experiences a lot of rain? Consider oversized gutters. A larger gutter will collect a higher volume of rainwater and reduce gutter overflow issues.

What Type Of Products Should You Consider For A Low Maintenance Gutter System & To Prevent The Need For Gutter Repair?
gutter companies copper guard

Consider guards to eliminate the need for interior gutter cleanings twice a year.Hire a gutter company who also does repair and maintenance work. This eliminates the need to research a company again when you need rain gutter repair. Hiring reputable gutter installers also means you can rely on them to do work without you being home.Underground drainage systems can help reroute rainwater if your home experiences a lot of major storms.Is your home located in area that has a cold season? Inquire about our heated gutter system to prevent ice damming.Snow guards are another option for homes in colder climates.

When it comes to gutter work on your vacation property, hiring from a list of reliable gutter companies that you can trust is key. It is most important to remember that for your gutters to work efficiently you must maintain them regularly (gutter cleanings, rain gutter repair, etc.) We are happy to be the reliable contractor for your vacation home in all the areas we service! We can also actively oversee your gutters while you are out of town. A certified Solutionist can evaluate a new project or any gutter repair you may need. Contact us today to set up your free estimate.

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Slab Foundation- Do You Still Need Gutters

Slab Foundation- Do You Still Need Gutters

Homes with a slab foundation are particularly popular in San Antonio, TX and Jacksonville, FL. A slab foundation is basically a home that is built on top of a concrete slab. Typically it is level to the ground. Whereas, a foundation with a basement or crawlspace has a separation from the ground, footings, and uses cinder blocks, concrete pillars or bricks for the foundation walls. A basement or crawlspace is the area between the ground and the home’s first floor.

San Antonio Texas gutter installer, installing gutters on a home with a slab foundation
Many homeowners with a concrete slab foundation think that this means they do not need gutters since there is no basement to keep dry. But, this simply is not accurate. While protecting your basement from flooding is one of the reasons why gutters are important, it is not the only one. In fact, basement flooding is a result of another problem caused by having no gutters or poorly installed gutters; a cracked foundation (which concrete slabs are still susceptible to).

Protecting Your Slab Foundation From Water Damage

A cracked slab foundation can result in compromised structural integrity of your home. There are many reasons why concrete cracks like;

Water Wears Concrete – Continued water exposure and pooling of water on concrete leads to wearing of the concrete. Constant moisture buildup within the soil around the slab that supports your home can also lead to a soft ground, further contributing to decreases in structural soundness.
San Antonio Texas gutter installer, installing gutters on a home with a slab foundation
Expansion & Contraction – Expansion and contraction is an effect of temperature fluctuations. When it is very hot, your concrete (like anything else) will expand. The lack of flex in concrete can result in cracks during expansion. The temperature and moisture level of the soil laying against your concrete slab foundation helps to determine the temperature of your concrete. By channeling water away from the slab, you can help the soil to maintain a more consistent temperature and moisture level, decreasing expansion and contraction.Heaving – Similar to expansion cracks, your slab can also see heaving damages. Heaving involves pushing up of the ground due to expansion. This is most commonly related to the freeze-thaw cycle in winter, which is not typically a problem for southern regions, but heaving can also be due to tree roots. Root heave is triggered by tree roots that do not have sufficient growing space underground, caused often by compacted soil that has been densified to provide stability for the overlying structure. After lifting during heaving, the ground will settle again.Cracks Due To Settling – The ground settles and moves over time. These movements can lead to uprooting and cracking of your slab.

San Antonio Texas gutter installer, installing gutters on a home with a slab foundation
Let’s Look At The Slab

Gutters are important to avoid potential cracks caused by water pooling at the foundation. However, they are also key in protecting your home when and if cracks do form. Concrete slab foundation can experience some cracking due to settling, tree roots, expansion, heaving, water pooling, etc. You do not want water landing at the foundation during rain. Even more so than usual, as this water can now enter through the cracks into your home. Water entering into your home’s concrete slab foundation can result in further wearing of the concrete and create a buildup of moisture within your homes architecture, further contributing to a compromised structure.

Preventing Landscape And Soil Erosion

Installing gutters on a home on with slab is so important. This is to prevent soil and landscape erosion. The gradual erosion of soil can lead to pollution of drinking water. This is due to sedimentation, as well as a harmful increase of algae growth in water. This is from compromising the structural integrity of buildings and roadways. Rain runoff from the roof of your home at your foundation can lead to harmful soil erosion at the foundation. This runoff can also damage your lawn and other expensive and important landscaping near your home’s foundation.

Jacksonville florida gutter installer, installing gutters on a home with a slab foundation

A gutter system is designed to channel water away from the base of your home. And designate it to an area through the use of downspouts. If you are interested in harvesting rainwater, you can even add a rain water harvesting system to your gutter system!

Regardless of the type of foundation your home sits on, water control is important. It goes a long way in protecting your home, and property. If you are in the south and are debating on whether to inquire about installing gutters on a home with a slab foundation, we recommend that you do. The Brothers that just do Gutters has several locations in the South with one specifically in San Antonio, TX and in Jacksonville, FL. Contact our local San Antonio gutter installer and local Jacksonville gutter installer today for your free estimate, and start protecting your home’s concrete slab foundation (and the surrounding property) from damage associated with water runoff!

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Do Gutter Guards Work? Let’s Get Real

Do Gutter Guards Work? Let’s Get Real

It’s one of the most common asked questions when homeowners are considering installing gutter guards; Do Gutter Guards Work? If “work” to you means significantly decreasing the amount of maintenance needed to keep you gutters clean and eliminating the need for interior gutter cleanings; then the answer is yes. If your idea of guards working is a 100% maintenance free solution, then we can’t answer that with yes. When we hear clients express dissatisfaction with how a guard product works, we’ve found that it is generally because they were promised unrealistic outcomes.

re Gutter Guards Worth It?

Have you heard “never clean your gutters again” “100% maintenance free gutters” or anything along those lines? If you have, chances are that needing to do any sort of gutter maintenance after hearing these claims is quite honestly maddening. Since these unrealistic expectations were not met, it’s easy to assume things like “my gutter guards failed”. Because the truth of the matter actually is that your gutter guards haven’t failed you, your salesperson did!

do gutter guards work
There are many companies and products claiming to free you from ever worrying or needing to maintain your gutters again. But, this promise is just not something we as a gutter installers can guarantee, as no product is truly 100% maintenance free.

The idea with gutter guards is to significantly decrease the amount of maintenance needed, and to eliminate the need for 1-3 (or more) interior gutter cleanings a year. While, we have many clients who have not needed any maintenance after guard installs for over 10 years, we cannot promise that this will be the case for every situation. A common maintenance practice that may need to occur after installing guards is a quick brush off of the top of the gutter covers.

Our Solutionist- Danny

This idea of a sales person failing rather than your gutter guards, was brought to our attention by one of our Solutionists who hears these sort of statements in reference to gutter guards failing on a regular basis. The reason why a “failed guard” falls more heavily on the sales tactics, is because unattainable expectations are often set. This is ultimately leading to disappointing results – giving gutter guards a bad reputation.

If you’re like most consumers in this day and age, when you consider a medium to large project for your home you typically research online reviews. When searching, do gutter guards work, or best gutter guards, or even gutter guard reviews, things can quickly spiral out of control with an overwhelming amount of information on both sides of the spectrum. You’ll see anything from “this is the best investment I have ever made” to “a total waste of money, did not function as advertised”. So, who do you believe and what is the answer to this burning question of do gutter guards work and/or why are my gutter guards failing?

Gutter Guard Choices

In the world of gutter guards, there are many different product choices to choose from as well as installers. This is great, because there are many different circumstances they will be needed for. The unique qualities of a home can dictate the best type of guard to solve your issues. One of the most common concerns Danny hears from clients inquiring about gutter guards is “I have read a lot of negative reviews”. When sourcing your negative reviews, it is important to really breakdown the substance of it. Do the reviews say “these are not maintenance free” or “these did not work as promised and required more maintenance than I had hoped”? Because if that is the case, these reviews aren’t inherently bad. It goes back to the above statement referring to what was promised at sale.

do gutter guards work
If a 100% maintenance free experience was promised, then it would be easy to assume that these reviews make sense based on their expectations. A promise to “never have to clean your gutters again” should be a red flag. Sometimes, when something sounds too good to be true, it is. Sort of like a wrinkle-free shirt. While it will have  less wrinkles than a cotton shirt, there is still likely to be a wrinkle or two. This especially depends on the activities performed while in the shirt. No product is perfect. Therefore, it’s not fair or truthful to make promises guaranteeing that your situation will never require attention again.

Your Sales Experience Here At Brother Gutters

During a gutter guard sale, we make sure to take a look at what issues the homeowner is facing. Specifically in terms of the types of trees and debris causing the issue. Is it only large leaves, or small pine needles? Or is there a pest or bird’s nest issue? Depending on the answers to these questions, not only will the product recommended vary, but so too will your results. If your home is surrounded by an extremely dense tree population that excessively sheds pine needles year-round, you are likely to fall in the category of clients that need to occasionally have guard maintenance done.

At The Brothers Gutters, we strive to set each customer up with the ideal guard. For we address each situation they are confronted with, while providing them with realistic expectations. This is the reason we offer more than one guard option. Taking the time to provide an honest evaluation with each client allows us to realistically explain how gutter guards work. We can explain what to expect, and offer the best solution for each unique home. We want you to understand your option, but also why that option is the right choice for your system.

Do Gutter Guards Work?

So, the answer to the burning question of do gutter guards work, is yes. The answer to are gutter guards maintenance free is possibly. This separation of these two questions makes all the difference. In determining if you feel that your gutter guards failed you, or if indeed you feel satisfied with the results.

Gutter Screens Are Worth the Investment

A gutter guard installation is a great investment. They significantly decrease the amount of maintenance your gutter system needs each year. As well as prevent potentially damaging interior clogs. If you think your home could benefit from installing gutter guards, contact us today for your free estimate. We will help to determine the best solution for your unique home. We will also provide you with a realistic understanding of what to expect for your guard system.

Contact us today for your free gutter guard estimate.

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