Don’t Let Sagging Gutters Ruin Your Curb Appeal

Don’t Let Sagging Gutters Ruin Your Curb Appeal

While things like damaged siding and missing roof shingles can plummet your home’s curb appeal, a sagging gutter system can do the same. If you’ve ever seen sagging gutters on a home, you know how sloppy and unappealing they can be, which is why our gutter experts recommend replacing or repairing them when they get to that point.

Sagging Is Inevitable

No matter how great your gutter system is, the truth is it will begin to sag. Eventually, gravity will take hold of the mounts that are installed on your home to keep your gutters in place and it will pull on them a little every day. Over time, they’ll begin to shift and if you have leaves and other debris built up in them, they’ll shift even more once water starts to collect.

Sagging gutters are not only unappealing, but they’re also not as effective as they should be. Every home needs a working gutter system to transport water away from the structure. If your gutters aren’t doing their job, you risk dealing with leaks, clogs, and even water damage to your home.

What to Do

While it’s entirely possible to correct your gutter system yourself, it can be dangerous. You’ll not only need new mounting brackets (and possibly new gutters if yours are in bad shape), but you’ll also need a ladder, balance, and careful hands. If all of that doesn’t sound like something you want to try to tackle, you could always call the gutter experts at P.J. Fitzpatrick. Our specialists can repair your existing gutter system so that it works perfectly. We can reinstall any type of hangers that are currently mounted to your system including spike and ferrule hangers or clip hangers. We can also realign your system so that it sits level and drains properly.

If your gutter system is old and beyond repair, talk to us about a new system. Our patented Gutter Protection System will permanently eliminate your need to clean your gutters. It will also protect your interior, exterior, basement, and foundation from water overflow and it comes with a lifetime transferable warranty.

Don’t risk ruining your home’s curb appeal – call us today to get your sagging gutters back into shape.

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2016 Fix-It List: Gutters

2016 Fix-It List: Gutters

If you’ve been putting off getting new gutters, this year is a great year to do it. You may think of gutters as only a small part of your home, but they do a lot to protect it, so it’s important to keep them in good shape.

Your gutters help prevent water damage to your home. They collect rain water and melting snow that flows down your roof and direct it away from both your roof and your foundation. Without gutters, water would constantly run underneath your roof, down your siding, and collect at the base of your home, causing problems.

Over time (and depending on your gutters), rain and snow can wear down your gutters and cause them to rust. Once the rust eats through the metal, it’ll likely cause your gutters to leak, and leaky gutters mean water is able to penetrate places it shouldn’t. If you think you need new gutters, talk to one of our gutter experts. We offer high-quality gutter installations that can help save you thousands of dollars in home damage.

You can also opt for our Royal Guard Gutter Cap System, which can prevent debris accumulation and guarantee consistent water flow to protect your interior, exterior, basement, foundation, and roof. It even comes with a lifetime transferable warranty!

Don’t let your gutters go another year with rust and wear. Call P.J. Fitzpatrick today. We’ll help you protect your home.

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Behind the Scenes: Shooting our New TV Spot

Behind the Scenes: Shooting our New TV Spot

PJ Fitzpatrick Company President Rick Stover
Rick getting ready to deliver his lines

Recently we here at PJ Fitzpatrick have been re-gearing some of our advertising to showcase the actual personnel that work here.  You may have seen our ads in the News Journal featuring pictures of our repair specialists, and we’ve continued with that trend in our television commercials.  Our most recent ad features company President Rick Stover introducing the company to the viewer.  We have a couple behind the scenes videos from the commercial re-shoot we thought we would share with you here.

Behind the Scenes: Commercial Reshoot Pt 1
Behind the Scenes: Commercial Reshoot Pt 2

No really hilarious bloopers in there, but we have a few of the outtakes that weren’t used in the finished product.  You’ll find the finished television spot linked to below.  Besides the candy cane stripes behind him at one point (whose idea was that?) we think it turned out pretty good.  You’ll be seeing more commercials and ads with our staff featured coming very soon!

The Finished Television Spot

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