Regional Home Styles – Do all homes need gutters?

Regional Home Styles – Do all homes need gutters?

Home styles vary greatly by region. Some of this variety is due to differences in climate, but historical influences and regional traditions can be just as significant. That being said, there is still a fair amount of overlap in the popularity of these styles throughout the US. 

The most popular styles include Ranch, Country style, Cottage style, Traditional style, Southern-style, European style, Craftsman style, Modern style, and Mediterranean style. With so many styles of homes available, finding the ideal gutter solution that not only performs well but matches your home’s aesthetic, is definitely not a one-size-fits-all proposition.


Northeast Homes - Regional Home Styles - Do all homes need gutters?

Ranch Style

Ranch-style homes are the most popular style in America. They gained widespread popularity in the 1930s and were influenced by Western ranches.  They are most often simple one-story homes with varied floor plans. The roofs often have long straight runs. Ranch-style homes also include Split-level homes that are especially popular in the Northeast.

Cottage Style

Cottage-style homes are quaint and charming. They are usually one-story or 1 ½ story structures with rooms that are cozy and comfortable. These homes are very functional with lots of character.  Cottage-style homes often have small porches, steep gable roofs, and bay windows. This category also includes the very popular Cape Cod homes. Cape Cod homes were inspired by early cottages in Great Britain.

Country Style

Country-style homes with wrap-around porches are distinctly American and are popular in rural communities.  They are sometimes referred to as farmhouses because they evolved from farm homes in the Mid-West. They remain popular in rural neighborhoods throughout the country including the Northeast. They can be one or two stories with gable roofs and dormers.   


Southern US:

Southern US 2 - Regional Home Styles - Do all homes need gutters?

Southern Style

Plantation-style homes had a large influence on southern architecture. With extremely large parcels of land, these homes were often large, spacious structures. They have large front porches that were often built with columns and high ceilings with large open areas to facilitate airflow. Today this style ranges from grandiose homes to residential size clones.  

Traditional Style

The traditional style home is typically a simple rectangular shaped two-story home with symmetrically spaced windows and a blend of traditional elements. It is popular throughout the country. In the south, it is traditional to add a wide porch to this design which provides cool air and an inviting aesthetic.

European Style

European style homes range from Victorian to Colonial home styles. They are typically large homes featuring gables and steep roofs. Design features may include English, French, and Tuscan styles. European styles include English cottages, Swiss Chalets, and French Tudor homes.


Midwest US:

Midwest homes - Regional Home Styles - Do all homes need gutters?

Craftsman Style

The Craftsman style originated in the 19th century. Traditionally, these homes feature street-facing gables with low-pitched shingled roofs and overhanging eaves.  They usually feature hand-crafted stone or woodwork and are generally longer than they are wide with a covered porch or stoop supported by tapered or paired posts.

Farmhouse Style

The Midwest is the breadbasket of our country, so it’s no surprise that the farmhouse/country-style home is such a popular home style in the Midwest.  These houses are often multilevel with large porches and large family rooms. 

Modern Style

Modern-style homes have a minimalistic aesthetic often void of decorative moldings and trims.  Modern homes gained popularity in the 1960s.  The distinctive asymmetrical designs have continued to evolve with new materials. Re-claimed wood and stainless steel are often part of the aesthetic as are large expanses of glass. To emphasize straight clean horizontal lines, the roofs are often low and flat.  


Western US:

Western Homes - Regional Home Styles - Do all homes need gutters?

Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean-style homes are inspired by Spanish and Italian architecture, often characterized by distinctive plaster or stucco exteriors with red barrel-tile roofs. Tile roofs often require larger gutters to prevent water from traveling the tile edge and overshooting smaller gutters.

Ranch Style

Ranch-styled homes are synonymous with the American West. These classic designs are typically one story with long low roof lines that are close to the ground.  New variations of the ranch-style house have evolved, including split-level ranches.

Modern Style

The minimalist designs of Modern style homes often use traditional materials, built with clean lines.  Materials local to the region are frequently used, giving the modern style home a style that blends with its natural surroundings —creating modern designs that are distinct to the area. 


Your Style 

These are just some of the home styles that our Solutionists and Installers encounter every day as we help our clients find the ideal gutter system to match their homes. Every home is truly unique…

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