Climate Change and Problems with Your Gutters

Climate change is causing an impact on our environment in a variety of ways. The water cycle is impacted, and this means more fluctuations between significant droughts and times of heavy rain. Average temperature rates are climbing, and this is causing changes to weather patterns. With the water vapor concentrations and flow patterns affected, this is causing downpours that are fast and furious.

Changes in Weather Patterns Means Worsening Storms

As climate change continues, extremes in weather are only expected to get worse. This results in storms that cause heavy saturation, flooding, and damage to your property. When your home has gutters, they may not be large enough to handle a downpour. It may be time to consider updated your gutters so that your home is protected from heavy rains causing your current gutters to overflow.

Gutter Maintenance and Heavy Storms

When a heavy storm brings tons of rain to your area, clogged gutters are going to be a problem. When the rain is heavy enough, this can cause damage to your gutters and lead to a mess of water in your basement. If your gutters are clogged, it’s time to have your gutters cleaned before the next storm. You should have your gutters cleaned twice a year to avoid damage to your property.

Watch for Gutter Functionality

During a heavy downpour is the best time to see how well your gutters are working. As the rain is pouring down, it becomes possible to see where your gutters are leaking and if you have water flowing over the sides. Your downspout might be clogged, or your gutters could be at the wrong angle to move water from your roof and away from your home. Look for areas where water has gone over the side of your gutters and caused damage to your landscaping or home. It is easy to spot problem areas once you know what to look for.

As climate change progresses, it becomes even more important to pay attention to precipitation rates and heavy storms. Protect your home with a gutter system that is the right size. Understand that gutters play an integral role in protecting your home, and have your gutters maintained whenever you see a problem.

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