Stucco Waterproofing Services

stucco waterproofing servicesMany homeowners and throughout the rest of the county are choosing to use stucco waterproofing services. These services offer various benefits for the homeowner, business owner, or just the person looking to restore their home to its original beauty. Some people may be concerned about stucco being waterproof. However, many stucco products in use today are waterproof and highly resistant to the growth of mold and bacteria. In addition, most stucco surfaces are treated with a binder that prevents water from seeping into the fibers of the stucco. Many of today’s best stucco waterproofing paints also feature anti-static properties that give a quality waterproof barrier against both heavy rains and extremely heavy snowfalls.

If you originally made repairs to your stucco building without the use of stucco waterproofing services, you may be wondering what damage was done. The first and most obvious effect is that the wood or stone surface will be permanently damaged. However, minor cracks may appear in the stucco surface over time as long as there is no other moisture-carrying surface left to permeate. Over time, these small cracks grow into large holes and can eventually destroy the entire stucco surface.

Most of the stucco waterproofing services available today are designed specifically for use with either concrete or stone surface and can be performed on either a surface that is newly constructed or one that has been existing for some time. The finishing techniques used by professional stucco waterproofing services vary widely. Some contractors may use a high-pressure sprayer or even water from a garden hose to seal the surface.

Other stucco waterproofing services employ a more primitive technique. Contractors may use an acid-based mixture that slowly permeates the surface of the stucco. As the acid breaks down the stucco material, it pulls away the dirt and grime, providing a smooth surface. Many stucco waterproofing services also use a highly-pressurized steam vacuum to power the process.

A key component of many stucco waterproofing services involves the use of highly invasive mechanical sealants. These sealants are often highly soluble, which allows them to seep deeply into the material. When the sealant is combined with grout and filler materials, it forms a rigid backing that prevents water from penetrating and running. Because the sealant is so tightly secured, water cannot freely run through it, and excess moisture is quickly removed by evaporation.

Many stucco waterproofing services also employ “dry cleaning” methods. This process involves spraying the exterior surfaces of the home with an alkaline solution, which breaks down the soluble material in the stucco. The alkaline solution thanks into the pores of the stucco, removing built-up grime and dirt. The alkaline solution leaves the exterior surfaces virtually spotless.

Many stucco waterproofing services also employ what’s called a wet mix to pump water out of the structure. This method consists of a high-pressure water sprayer that injects a fine mist of water directly into the cracks of the stucco. As the water enters the cracks, it seals up the spaces between them, and the water becomes fixed. This prevents subsequent water damage.

Some stucco waterproofing services use a method known as crystallization staining. This method uses highly-violet ray light to treat the surface of the stucco. Once the light enters the surface, it reacts with the amino acids in the stucco, creating hydrogen bonds that are effective sealants. After a number of years, these hydrogen bonds can become weaker, allowing water to seep through. Sealing the spaces between the stucco is the best way to prevent this water damage.

The methods used to seal up water damage are very specific. For example, if the area has just been flooded, there will be little need to seal it. If, however, the entire building has been affected by heavy rain, then you do have a problem. In addition, if the damage is extensive, then it is necessary to repair the water damage. Sealing the area will not prevent this from happening.

Even when the building has only just suffered water damage, you should still consider stucco waterproofing. In fact, it would be foolish to wait until the entire building has been affected by the water to take action. This is because the damage could simply get worse. By sealing off the area, you are better protecting it for the future.

There are a number of companies that provide stucco waterproofing services. All you have to do is ensure that you choose a company that has the expertise and the reputation for excellence. If possible, try to find reviews of their work on the internet. You can also request a sample of the material to see how well it will stand up to water. Although there may be a small fee associated with such a service, it is certainly worth it in order to protect your home from future water damage.