Best Gutter Guards Consumer Reports

One thing we understand for sure here at The Brothers that just do Gutters is how essential it is to keep your gutter system up and running smoothly. We take great pride in designing systems that are efficient at keeping water flowing away from your home. But it isn’t only the design, it’s in the products that we offer as well. Gutter guards are no exception. We have wisely chosen a guard design that excels at keeping leaves, debris, small animals and pests out of your gutters. We have over 20 years of field experience to help us make evaluations on what our customers need and how to best match them with products to meet those needs. In addition, we continue to do research on available products finding the best on the market. Most recently, we have reviewed the best gutter guards Consumer Reports put out.

Before we speak on the reviews and how they compare to our two gutter guard options we offer here at the Brothers Gutters, let’s remind you why keeping your gutters clear is paramount to keeping your system effective and maintained for optimal water flow.

Cleaning Gutters With or Without Gutter Guards

Bottom line is you need to clean your gutters with or without guards. The difference is, guards will require minimal maintenance, like occasionally brushing off debris from the top of the guard. Whereas, open gutter systems require yearly interior cleanings. If you do not perform regular gutter cleanings the lack of upkeep may lead to water damage to your home. Most common issues arise during season changes. Pollen buildup in spring and leaves in the fall cause the most build up in and on your gutters. One option is to have them cleaned a few times a year to clear out your runs and downspouts. Another option is to have gutter guards installed on your system. This will keep leaves and debris out and drastically cut down the amount of maintenance that is necessary.

There are many reasons why adding gutter guards to your system is highly recommended. To review:

Prevents clogsEliminates most interior gutter cleaningsAble to handle high capacity of rainfallReduces risk of overflow, rotting fascia, mild dew or deterioration of the foundationOnly requires a seasonal dust off to get rid of pollen and/or larger fallen branches and debrisAdds strength to your system during winter for when snow and ice sit on the system

Which Gutter Guards Do We Offer?
best gutter guards consumer reports

One Gutter Guard-This guard’s chassis is made from one piece of aluminum, has a mesh screen on the guard that is interchangeable, and has pre-drilled holes making for a quick installation. This style is recommended for homeowners that live in a high-pollinated area and especially for those near pine trees.MicroGuard-Made of 032 gauge aluminum and has 2000 holes per linear foot, this option is for areas that aren’t as effected by smaller debris.

We highlight some common questions we get on about gutter protection and the options available. Be sure to check out those answers to better help you navigate your decision making process.

The Best Gutter Guards Consumer Reports

As mentioned above, we have been listening to the various challenges homeowners have when it comes to their gutters. We look at the best gutter guards consumer reports on in combination with our own reports and have found that mesh gutter guard designs incorporate all of the best features to create an exceptional system.

Here at The Brothers that just do Gutters we want to provide you with the best contractor service possible. We would love for you to schedule your free gutter estimate so you can meet one of our professional Solutionists© to design a system with gutter guards for your home.

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